About Us
Since 1959, Allstate Appraisal  has committed itself to providing credible, compliant and timely valuation and review services to its clients, which include local and national lending institutions, mortgage insurance companies, the GSEs, the federal government, law firms, private individuals, and more.  Few appraisal firms have such a long history of involvement in the valuation industry.

While our business model has changed to meet the ever evolving industry and regulatory guidelines, the underlying foundation, which is based on integrity in our work and dedication to our clients and the industry, has remained unchanged.

Our Mission
To set a higher standard in providing credible, compliant, and timely valuation and review services to our clients.

Our Staff
Allstate employs 100 full-time staff that is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals which includes a team of over 50 certified staff appraisers. Quality is the focal point of our entire business model; specifically when pertaining to our staff. At Allstate, we maintain a qualitative edge over many of our competitors through our high quality staff and management team.

In our Quality Control (appraisal review) departments, our staffing model is atypical for most other Appraisal firms in that we employ only Certified General Appraisers (for our commercial division), and Certified Residential Appraisers (for our residential division) and each divisional manager holds either the MAI, or the SRA designation of the Appraisal Institute. The strong credentials and experience of our full time review staff is reflected in our consistently high-quality work product.

Our managed national fee-based panel of approved appraisers is one of the best in the nation. We have a designated vendor management team that manages, reviews, and scores our approved appraisers to make sure only the best performing appraisers are kept on our panel.


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