With the substantial amount of regulatory changes focused on improving the appraisal process, staying on top of compliance is of paramount importance to lenders. Failure to comply can be costly. At Allstate we keep up with the changes daily, and send updates routinely to our clients. Allstate operates compliantly with all State and Federal laws as well as appraisal guidelines. UAD assessment technology ensures our reports are UAD compliant. Additionally we are registered and held in high standing in all states requiring AMC licensing.

Is your AMC operating in compliance with all regulatory guidelines?

Take time now to ensure you have a relationship with an AMC who is adhering to all of the regulatory guidelines required in each state.  Choosing the right AMC can help you to avoid the costly expense of potential compliance failures.
With all the regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements your organization has to meet, you need someone on your side. At Allstate we take being a third-party vendor to the next level by developing a partnership with you. Our compliance team insures that our operational processes are set up to comply with all governing appraisal bodies on state and federal levels to protect all parties involved from violations. 

AMC State Registration Requirements

Allstate is in compliance with all states across the nation who has set mandatory registrations for AMCs who wish to conduct business within the respective state. Please contact us for a list of our state license numbers and expiration dates.

Appraiser Independence 

At Allstate we insulate our appraisers from any value pressure or influence. We manage every aspect of the appraiser communication process, including rebuttals and appeals, to ensure that no improper information or pressure is passed along to our appraisers.

Reasonable and Customary Fees
Allstate Appraisal, L.P. pays our subcontractors prevailing local market fees that identify with the necessary scope of work for each of our assignments.
Compliant and credible companies like Allstate make quality business partners. Consider us today for your next fee quote. 

Helpful Compliance Links:

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
Appraisal Subcommittee Federal Financial Institution Examination Council


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