Appraisal Reviews - Residential and Commercial Services

Allstate Appraisal is among the oldest national appraisal review service firms in the nation.  From the loan originators, to the mortgage insurers, to the GSE's, and the federal government, Allstate is relied upon by every sector of the lending industry for our services.  When you require a review of one or more appraisals on a property, you need to have someone involved in the review who understands not just how to develop and communicate a credible appraisal, but also how to develop and communicate a definitive, reliable and effective review as well.  Allstate Appraisal is well-recognized as an industry leader in providing high quality, well documented and highly reliable appraisal reviews in all 50 states. 

By using local certified review appraisers who possess demonstrated geographic competency in the subject property's market area, coupled with Allstate's intensive in-house Quality Control audit of each review, our reviews are credible and well-supported and have been proven to be highly effective for our clients.

Allstate Appraisal prepares thousands of appraisal reviews each year and has done so since 1991 when we started our review division. Few other national appraisal firms can compete with the longevity, stability and experience of Allstate's appraisal review teams.

Allstate’s approach allows any reader of the review to understand how we developed our stated opinions. 
Allstate Appraisal encourages well-written rebuttals to our reviews when appropriate, and responds to them within 24 hours.

Allstate Appraisal's review services are used for:
  • Current or retrospective pre and post funding quality control
  • Appraisal fraud investigations
  • Mortgage insurance claims investigations
  • Rebuttals
  • Pre-trade due diligence for Wall Street investors
  • On-site investor tie-outs
  • Litigation support
  • Standard quality control due diligence

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