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Appraisal Management Solutions In Northwest Indiana

Boasting nearly 1,000,000 residents, Northwest Indiana is the state’s second-largest metropolitan hub. It has a sizable casino and manufacturing injury, boasts some beautiful, picturesque plains, and has several commuter towns to Chicago. It makes up nearly 1/10th of the state’s entire GDP. If you’re looking for a fresh start and a new home, Northwest Indiana is a great place to move.

That said, if you’re a new homeowner, you should receive a professional appraisal to ensure that you’re getting the best value on your mortgage and work with a company providing appraisal management solutions in Northwest Indiana. 

What Is An Appraisal Management Company?

Appraisal management companies (AMCs) have been an integral part of the housing market for over five decades, but their need has only been amplified since the 2008 Great Recession. Since lenders have been scrutinized under more stringent standards since Dodd-Frank, they often count on using AMCs to be as compliant and transparent about property values as possible.

No one else in the transaction has control over the appraisal hired besides an AMC, which makes hiring a good one more important. You don’t want to buy a home at a considerably higher value than it’s worth, and nor would you like to sell a home at a significantly lower value than it’s worth. That’s why you need an AMC with a highly comprehensive knowledge of the local market.

But besides the above, appraisal management companies can also help with other facets of the process, including:

  • Commercial and residential appraisals
  • Expert review, support, and witness services
  • Desktop appraisals
  • Reconciliations
  • BPOs and AVMs

Many things have to be reviewed to attain a proper home valuation, and your appraisal process should be no different. You shouldn’t just double-check that all your regulations are compliant and valuations are accurate: you should triple check, quadruple check, and cross-reference everything several times over to make sure you’re getting it right.

Moreover, you won’t just want one person to perform these quality control measures, but multiple—a team with the state-licensed credentials to corroborate their expertise. So if you’re buying a commercial or residential property around Northwest Indiana, who should you count on?

Allstate Appraisal Has It All Covered

For over 60 years, we have committed ourselves to provide credible, compliant valuations to our clients. Our appraisal work history goes back to appraisals’ very origin, an accomplishment seldom firms can claim. Our team of 50+ certified staff appraisers has experience helping everyone from mortgage insurers and lenders to governments, law firms, and private citizens to just about everyone who needs a valuation in the more incredible East-North Central Division.

Out of the hundreds of firms now operating today, few have endured as long as ours. We know how to endure long term, and we understand how to establish professional relationships that endure long term. If you’re a prospective home and business owner looking for appraisal management solutions in North Indiana, contact us today to learn more!

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