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An appraisal review is a common practice in the appraisal industry. Appraisal reviews are critical tools for proving an appraisal’s completeness and accuracy, and they are similar to peer reviews in the academic world. Hundreds of businesses consult competent appraisal review companies in Cincinnati to get the final green light before acting on an appraisal. 

Our appraisal reviews assist our clients in analyzing, investigating, and verifying appraisals’ logic and procedures. Eventually, they’re better positioned to formulate sound opinions about their appraisals and related transactions. Our experienced reviewers double-check an appraisal to prove its accuracy and thoroughness. It also detects any hidden omissions or errors while agreeing or disagreeing with an appraiser’s findings. 

Eventually, our thorough review processes and products boost a user’s confidence in the work an initial appraiser did for them. We focus on the facts the appraiser presented from an objective perspective. Our team focuses on their work’s quality and the value it will add to your business without ever cutting corners.

Our clients in Cincinnati and the larger United States get the last opportunity to detect and avoid their appraisals’ hidden risks. We enable them to look before they leap to avoid incurring avoidable losses. Eventually, they only take action when they are 100% certain that the deal is in their best interests.

At Allstate Appraisal, you can enjoy appraisals of all types of commercial and residential property reviews. Our appraisal review experts have thorough vetting and management skills. You can also enjoy our excellent services at affordable rates. Our prices depend on factors like the property size, property type, and the local market you operate in. 

Some of our core services from which you can benefit include the following:

  • Commercial/residential appraisals
  • Appraisal review services
  • Litigation-support services
  • Expert witness services
  • Desktop appraisals

When Do You Need Our Appraisal Reviews?

But why do hundreds of businesses across the United States trust and seek us out for appraisal review solutions? Our customers require our appraisal reviews for the following purposes:

  • Current or retrospective pre and post-funding quality control;
  • When they want to investigate an appraiser’s negligence/fraudulent behavior or their failure to conform to USPAP standards and regulations;
  • Mortgage insurance claims investigations;
  • Rebuttals;
  • Pre-trade due diligence for Wall Street investors;
  • On-site investor tie-outs;
  • Litigation support;
  • Standard quality control due diligence.

Our Appraisal Review Team Conforms to Industry Standards and Regulations

We abide by all the established industry standards and regulations because we understand the importance of playing according to the rules. So, you can always count on us to do the right thing. All our operations conform to the USPAP Standard Rule 3-1(a) that requires all reviewers to:

  • Have the necessary knowledge and experience for identifying and performing the scope of work to produce credible results;
  • Familiarize themselves with the particular property or asset type, market, location, analytic techniques, and applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines necessary for performing a task.

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So, do you want to proceed with your appraisal report but still need a second opinion? It’s time you talk to America’s trusted appraisal review consultants in Cincinnati. Contact Allstate Appraisal today

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