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Both commercial and residential appraisals are important to lenders, investors, and property owners across the nation. In fact, successful business transactions often hinge upon credible and timely appraisals. Such an appraisal is critical to moving forward with any number of business transactions.

At Allstate Appraisal in Chicago, we proudly serve both the Chicago Metropolitan area and the entire nation with competent appraisal management services. We’ve been in the appraisal business for 60 years, and we are committed to working closely with you and your company to provide you with appraisal products that meet your needs and expectations. In fact, Allstate began its Appraisal Management Company (AMC) services in 1999 and remains one of the longest-standing AMCs in the business.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing you with excellent and timely appraisal management services that include:

  • All of our AMC services remain in careful compliance with each state’s regulatory guidelines – this includes your state.
  • We carefully select the appraiser for each job based on his or her unique professional and geographic expertise in the appraisal matter at hand – whatever and wherever it may be.
  • We provide unbiased valuations that are industry compliant and that are never subject to outside influence.
  • We employ both an automated and a manual review process that’s conducted by our licensed and certified real estate appraisers to ensure quality control on every appraisal report we submit to our clients, including you.
  • We provide 24/7 access to our web-based appraisal management platform. This allows clients like you to order, track, and receive online services at any time. Additionally, the platform provides multi-user access and is fully integrated with all of the top loan origination system (LOS) companies to help simplify the onboarding process.
  • We maintain open lines of communication between our customers and our divisional managers, our chief appraisers, our dedicated customer service representatives, and even our company’s owner. We want you to be confident in the appraisal services you’re receiving, and that includes providing you with clear, concise, and consistent communication whenever you need it.
  • We have a formal rebuttal process in place for every service we provide – no matter how large or how small.
  • We always guarantee our turn times, so you can be confident you’ll have the important valuation information you need when you need it.

If You Have Appraisal Management Needs, Allstate Has the Quality Services You Seek

If you are in need of appraisal management services – whatever the issue may be – it’s important to your business’s bottom line. Allstate Appraisal in Chicago proudly serves the entire nation with stellar appraisal management services that are carefully tailored to our client’s unique needs. We’ve been in the appraisal business for 60 years, and we will work closely with you to ensure you receive the appraisal management services that are right for you and your business enterprise, whatever that entails. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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