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Commercial Property Valuation Services Chicago

In real estate, a commercial property’s value won’t benefit anyone until you know it with precision. Knowing your property’s exact value helps you in many useful ways, including during complex commercial real estate transactions. Our commercial property valuation services in Chicago enable investors to enjoy optimal leverage, maximum returns on investments, and easily identify acquisition opportunities. We also enable potential buyers to get the best value for their money by ensuring they don’t buy overpriced properties. 

Our proven nationwide services also ensure that sellers don’t fall prey to buyers who may want to buy their properties at throwaway prices. Every seller can also save themselves unnecessary market delays by getting their accurate valuation. For instance, your property is most likely to overstay on the market or fail to sell if you overprice it due to an inaccurate appraisal. 

For those seeking lender funding, our reliable appraisal services can speed up their loan approval processes. Lenders only release funding when sure that the collateral is accurately appraised, as they want to be sure it has enough market value to generate steady returns to repay their loans. This is why an accurate appraisal is key in commercial property deals.

Always be careful when choosing commercial property valuation services in Chicago. Why? Because many lenders assign themselves a built-in error margin ranging between 20% and 30%. Thus, they only lend 70% – 80% of a property’s appraised value. This margin benefits them but hurts you because you can’t afford to hire a commercial valuer with an error margin of 30% or more. 

Commercial Property Valuation You Can Trust

Quality appraisals start with quality appraisers, and you can rely on our team to get the results you need. Our staff includes 50 extensively trained and certified appraisers, and we also have an extensive quality control process to ensure the best possible results. 

Our team doesn’t do what many appraisal companies in Chicago and the larger United States do. They employ novice appraiser trainees called licensed appraiser assistants. Worse still, some of these trainees operate with minimal or zero supervision. These companies’ senior appraisers only come in at the end of the shoddy appraisal process to rubber stamp and approve the work with little review. Companies use these novices because some work for much lower rates. Eventually, they cut costs on their side to maximize profits, but they shortchange you. 

Still, some of their clients, like commercial banks and mortgage companies, don’t mind such practices because they get fast and cheap results. But who suffers? It’s you. Therefore, sample the quality of work we have developed following decades of experience and service to the nation. We believe you deserve the best, and our appraisal team is ready to demonstrate our expertise.

Enjoy the Best Commercial Property Valuation Services in Chicago Today

Whether you are looking to purchase, sell, finance, or otherwise value a commercial property, look no further than the professional appraisal team of Allstate Appraisal. We provide the highest quality commercial property valuation services in Chicago and beyond. Contact us directly for more information about our services today.

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