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Home Appraisers in Northwest Indiana

Your home is very likely one of your most valuable assets – if not your most valuable asset. Your home is also a highly significant property to you and your family and is so much more than just a financial investment. Your home is where you raise your family and create lasting memories, which makes the purchase of a home an even bigger deal. If you’re preparing to buy, sell, or buy and sell a home, you need a reliable, verifiable home appraisal to back up your investment, and reputable home appraisers in Northwest Indiana can help you do just that.

Your Home’s Interior

The house you are buying or selling comprises myriad elements that all contribute to its ultimate value. The home’s appraisal will carefully factor in all of the following:

  • The house’s square footage
  • The house’s total number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • The condition of the house’s kitchen and bathrooms (are they outdated, or have they been modernized?)
  • The condition of the house’s foundation (and its type)
  • The house’s floor, wall, and window fabrications
  • Whether the house’s basement is full or partial and whether it’s finished or not

Every home has its own special attributes and challenges that should be carefully accounted for in its appraisal.  

Your Home and External Factors

The house you’re considering and/or the house you are selling are utterly unique to all the unique factors at play, and these factors drive the value of the house in question. All of the following external components can play an important role in your home’s appraisal:

  • The census tract that defines your neighborhood’s boundaries
  • Any applicable legal considerations
  • Applicable zoning classifications
  • The kind of neighborhood in which the house is located (urban, suburban, rural, etc.)
  • The percentage of land being put to use in your neighborhood
  • The house’s lot size
  • The availability of public utilities
  • Whether there are car storage facilities and the driveway’s fabrication

The House’s Condition

Two houses that are alike in every other way can be in vastly different conditions, and this can significantly affect their appraisals. All of the following factor into the appraisal process:

  • The condition of and the materials used to create the house’s foundation roof, exterior and interior walls, floors, windows, trim, gutters, downspouts, and screens
  • Anything that could adversely affect the structural integrity of the house (or adversely affect the house’s livability factor)
  • The overall quality and consistency of the house’s general maintenance

A quality appraisal reflects an accurate and nuanced accounting of a house’s external and internal factors – in combination with its overall condition.

Look to Experienced Northwest Indiana Home Appraisers for All Your Appraisal Needs

Buying and/or selling a home is a major transaction that is so much more than just a financial deal. The dedicated professional team at Allstate Appraisal, proudly serving Northwest Indiana and the nation – understands the significance of such a purchase and is committed to helping you get it right. We’ve been providing quality appraisals for 60 years, and our exceptional experience guides every appraisal we perform. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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