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Indianapolis Business Real Estate Appraisals

Business owners are tasked with making dozens of decisions on a daily basis, both big and small. When it comes to questions about expansion, acquisition, selling, acquiring new funding, and more, understanding the value of business real estate is important. At Allstate Appraisal, we offer Indianapolis business real estate appraisals that your business can trust. To learn more about our business real estate appraisal process and what to expect when you choose our team, reach out to us directly today. 

What Is a Business Real Estate Appraisal?

A business real estate appraisal is a calculated assessment of commercial/business real property. As such, it is not considering the value of the business itself, but rather the value of the real property and real estate where the business has interest. A business real estate appraisal is conducted by a professional, neutral, third-party appraiser. 

When You Need a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

There are dozens of situations in which you may need a commercial real estate appraisal. Examples include:

  • You are trying to acquire a loan for your business and want to use the business real estate as collateral
  • You are trying to inform another decision, such as whether to buy or sell, acquire another business, expand, etc.
  • You are taking out a loan for a commercial property.
  • You are entering a merger or acquisition.
  • You are thinking about listing the commercial business for sale.
  • Your stakeholders or shareholders are requesting a commercial business real estate appraisal. 

Why Work with Allstate Appraisal?

When you work with Allstate Appraisal, you can count on us and our comprehensive appraisal and appraisal review process. Here’s what to expect when you choose our team:

  • The right appraiser assigned to you. The first thing that we do when you hire us is to learn more about the scope of your project, and then assign the right appraiser for the job based on the type of business and commercial real estate property involved.
  • Communication. As your appraisal gets underway, we’ll communicate with you throughout the process and make sure that everything is progressing according to plan.
  • Appraisal review. Before we send you the appraisal report, we’ll make sure that it’s reviewed by our review appraiser first. We’re checking to make sure that everything was done according to best practices and accepted methodology; if a draft needs to be corrected, it will be sent back. Our chief appraiser will review the revised report and sign off on it before it’s passed onto you, the client. 
  • Formal rebuttal process. We take pride in our work and our process and are ready to defend our work if it’s challenged. We have a formal rebuttal process in place. 

Call Us Today for Your Indianapolis Business Real Estate Appraisal

Knowing the value of a business is important. At Allstate Appraisal, our team has you covered for all of your Indianapolis business real estate appraisal needs. To schedule an appraisal today or to learn more about our team or our services, reach out to us by phone or online at your convenience. 

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