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As a homeowner or someone who is in the market to buy a new home in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, there’s no doubt that a home appraisal will, at some point, be valuable or required. At Allstate Appraisal, we specialize in Indianapolis home appraisal services and conduct and defend a comprehensive home appraisal valuation. To learn more about our appraisal services or to schedule a home appraisal at a time that works for you, reach out to us directly by phone or online. 

Why You Need a Home Appraisal

Getting a home appraisal may be something that’s required by a lender or another party, or it may be something that you do to inform another decision that you’re making. Some of the most common reasons to seek a home appraisal include:

  • You are buying or selling a home. As part of the real estate process, a home appraisal is almost always required. A seller may want to do a home appraisal in order to determine an accurate and competitive listing price. For buyers, a mortgage lender will usually not grant a loan unless an appraisal is undertaken. This is because the lender wants to make sure that the home is actually valued at the same amount the loan is being issued for in order to protect the lender’s investment.
  • You are refinancing or trying to secure a loan. For homeowners, a home appraisal may be necessary if the homeowner is refinancing (for the same reason listed above re: determining the value of the home), or when the homeowner is seeking another type of loan, such as a home equity loan. If a home is being used as a source of collateral for another loan type, an appraisal may be necessary in order to determine the value of the home before the loan is issued. 
  • You are appealing a tax assessment. If your property taxes have gone up recently and it’s because the county tax assessor is claiming that your home has increased in value, you can request a home appraisal to challenge the tax assessment. If the home appraisal shows that your home is actually valued for less than the county is claiming, you can submit the appraisal as proof and lower your tax bill.
  • You are thinking about undertaking a home improvement project. Finally, it may be valuable for a homeowner to invest in a home appraisal if they are thinking about undertaking a home improvement project and want to know by how much the value of their home may improve after the project is complete. For example, if a homeowner is thinking about finishing their basement, they may get a home appraisal and then compare this value to the value of homes in their neighborhood of similar size and age with a finished basement that have recently sold. 

What to Expect When You Work with Allstate Appraisal

When you work with Allstate Appraisal, you should expect a comprehensive and thorough appraisal process that includes multiple reviews by different team members throughout, as well as responsive and communicative services. To learn more about our Indianapolis home appraisal services or to schedule your home appraisal today, call us directly or send us a message online at your convenience.

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