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Since 1959, Allstate Appraisal has committed itself to providing credible, compliant and timely valuation and review services to its clients, which include local and national lending institutions, mortgage insurance companies, the GSEs, the federal government, law firms, private individuals, and more. Few appraisal firms have such a long history of involvement in the valuation industry.

While our business model has changed to meet the ever-evolving industry and regulatory guidelines, the underlying foundation, which is based on integrity in our work and dedication to our clients and the industry, has remained unchanged.

Our Mission: To set a higher standard in providing credible, compliant, and timely valuation and review services to our clients.

Our Staff: Our team is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals and includes over 50 certified staff appraisers. Quality is the focal point of our entire business model; specifically, when pertaining to our staff. At Allstate, we maintain a qualitative edge over many of our competitors through our high-quality staff and management team.

In our Quality Control (appraisal review) departments, our staffing model is atypical for most other appraisal firms in that we employ only Certified General Appraisers (for our commercial division), and Certified Residential Appraisers (for our residential division) and each divisional manager holds either the MAI or the SRA designation of the Appraisal Institute. The strong credentials and experience of our full-time review staff are reflected in our consistently high-quality work product.

Our managed national fee-based panel of approved appraisers is one of the best in the country. We have a designated vendor management team that recruits, manages, and scorecards our approved appraisers to help ensure only the best performing and most qualified appraisers are kept on our panel.

The Allstate Difference

Unwavering Quality: Due to a longstanding and company-wide commitment to maintaining its reputation as a leading appraisal services provider, Allstate delivers consistently high-quality work product that does not invite challenge from underwriters, GSEs, or Mortgage Insurance firms. Operating in compliance with industry rules and regulations, and providing focused, proactive and professional service to our clients reflect our core competencies.

In-House Quality Control: Allstate is one of the few AMCs in the country that reviews 100% of its work by staff, certified appraisers. Each Quality Control (QC) Team is headed by an appraiser who holds membership in the Appraisal Institute, having earned either the MAI or the SRA designation – there are no higher qualifications attainable in the appraisal industry. Prior to submitting reports to our clients, a staff QC Specialist, holding an active appraiser’s license/certification, manually reviews each report line by line to ensure the highest quality work and adherence to all industry guidelines. For the client, this means dramatically less time spent on underwriting, GSE, or mortgage insurance-related challenges.

Compliance: Allstate employs a full-time compliance team that ensures we are operating in full compliance with every industry and regulatory guideline. This protects us, as well as our clients.

  • Appraiser Independence – Allstate has been actively supporting appraiser independence since our inception in 1959. We insulate all of our appraisers nationally from any value pressure/influence. We manage every aspect of the appraiser communication processes, including rebuttals/appeals. This ensures that no improper information or pressure is passed along to the appraiser.
  • Reasonable and Customary Fees – Allstate Appraisal, L.P. pays our subcontractors prevailing local market fees that identify with the necessary scope of work for each of our assignments.
  • State Registrations – Allstate Appraisal is compliant with all current AMC state registration requirements and is prepared to meet all current regulatory requirements.

Extensive, Diversified Experience: Few appraisal firms have experience as varied as Allstate; our client base includes all aspects of the lending industry. As a result of our diversification, we have acquired first-hand experience in how our reports and reviews are relied upon and can be challenged. This experience allows us to prepare the most effective and reliable products and services for our clients.

Allstate has extensive experience with more than just lender business. We also work each business day with:

  • Mortgage Insurance companies who utilize our services to assist them in their claims investigations
  • GSEs, who utilize our services for Repurchase Demand investigations
  • A primary Federal Bank Regulator utilizes our services nationally to review appraisals of real estate in failed banks asset portfolios across the country
  • The SBA, for their specific lending programs
  • Law firms/attorneys, who rely upon Allstate for litigation-support appraisal and appraisal review services, in addition to expert witness testimony

Longevity: Allstate was founded in 1959 and has been in continuous business and service under the same ownership since that time, making Allstate one of the oldest valuation firms in the country. In 1999 we formed our National Appraisal Management Company Division (AMC). Of the hundreds of AMCs in business today, less than 3% have been operating as long as Allstate. Our longevity translates to substantial and diverse industry experience as well as proven reliability as a service provider. Allstate’s primary focus has been on providing high quality, compliant valuation and appraisal review services for reasonable fees that can only be realized through a professionally managed, efficient business model. The proof is in our success. For over six decades, Allstate has been recognized as one of the leading companies in the valuation industry by virtue of its reputation for providing high quality work product and unbeatable service, while building long-lasting business relationships.

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