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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Appraiser

Jul 27, 2021

When purchasing a new property or going through the process of refinancing an existing property, there are certain services you are able to shop around for. In most scenarios, you will be able to choose your own appraiser when you are purchasing or refinancing a property. The appraisal is one of the most essential tools that you can use in order to understand the value of a property that you plan to purchase, sell, or refinance.  

The Value of an Accurate Appraisal

There are several different reasons that you might need an appraisal. If you are purchasing a property, your lender will refer to the appraisal when determining the value of the property. This will give them an idea of how much they can lend you. If you are looking to refinance your home, the appraisal will act as a tool to determine how much your home is currently worth. If your property has appreciated, you can often borrow against that appreciation. If you are looking to sell your property, the appraisal will help you figure out the current market value when setting your sale price. 

How to Choose the Right Appraiser

Again, the appraisal will be the most accurate report to determine the current value of a property. For this reason, it is important to understand which factors you should consider when choosing your appraiser.

1 – Specialization – Appraisers will often specialize in a specific type of real estate. Therefore, it helps to understand your appraiser’s area of specialization before making your decision. If you are looking to sell a commercial or residential property, make sure that your appraiser specializes in this type of real estate. 

2 – Experience – How long has your appraiser been in business in your area? The more homes that your appraiser has reviewed, the more likely they are to perform an accurate appraisal. You can ask your appraiser questions that will indicate how much experience they have before making your decision. Some of these questions include: 

  • What professional associations are you a member of? 
  • Do you work for an appraisal company, or are you self-employed? Why do you prefer one over the other?
  • Is this your full-time job? 

3 – References – What do the appraiser’s past clients say about their services? Just as you would ask any other tradesperson for references, it is advisable to request three references to check on before making a decision to hire your appraiser. 

4 – Check their record – Does your appraiser have a disciplinary record that indicates that they have performed a not-so-great appraisal in the past? References are helpful, but those are provided by your appraiser. Therefore, you will also want to check to see if there are any complaints filed on record before hiring an appraiser. 

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