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Home Appraisal Checklist 

Nov 8, 2021

Are you planning to sell your home, seek a loan modification, or apply for a loan for a home improvement project? For these reasons and others, a professional home appraisal may be required by your lender or another party. At Allstate Appraisal, we specialize in thorough home appraisals. As you prepare for the process, here’s what you should know—

What An Appraiser Will Look For

First, it’s important to understand what a home appraiser will be looking for and the different factors that can impact the value of your home. Things that will be on an appraiser’s checklist include:

  • Condition of the home and appliances; damage to either
  • Size of the home and size of the property
  • Landscaping
  • Quality of roof and foundation
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, other living areas, and square footage
  • Age and quality of plumbing and lighting
  • Details—hardwood floors, granite countertops, etc.
  • Any other perks or renovations, such as fireplaces, swimming pools, etc. 

How to Prepare for the Home Appraisal Process

You can improve the outcome of your home appraisal process—i.e. Improve your chances of your home being appraised at a higher dollar amount—by understanding what’s on the appraiser’s checklist and making upgrades and renovations based on that. A few tips we have for preparing for the home appraisal process include:

  • Improve curb appeal. You can improve the look of your home with a few simple yard upgrades, like mowing the lawn and planting flowers. Getting your yard in good shape and fixing any visible damage to the exterior of your home is strongly recommended. 
  • Get things cleaned up. While it seems like a small thing, getting things cleaned up and organized both in and outside your home can go a long way. Don’t leave clutter for the appraisal to have to wade through.
  • Make small, inexpensive repairs and improvements. Perform a quick inspection of your home to make sure everything is working and to assess for any damage, including chips in floorboards, holes in the wall from pictures, etc. You can make some small, inexpensive repairs and improvements that can help with the home appraisal process. For example, spackle holes and replace burnt-out bulbs, for starters. 
  • Prep for the day of the appraisal. Finally, make sure you’re prepared for appraisal day by having it on the calendar and having a plan in place for picking up the house, ensuring pets and little ones are cared for, and getting the day off work in order to be around for the appraisal.  

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