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Divorce Appraisals throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Navigating divorce is challenging, and when it comes to what is often the largest marital asset, the residence, a credible and strongly supported valuation is paramount for equitable property division. Whether you’re contemplating selling the property, or one party wishes to retain it, our specialized divorce appraisal services will assist in either decision by providing definitive and well-supported valuations.

Key Options for Handling the Marital Residence:

  1. Property Sale: When the parties decide to sell the marital real estate, a current valuation by a professionally and geographically competent appraiser can help ensure a fair price in the event of a sale. An appraisal can assist in setting an optimal listing price, minimizing the time on the market and helping ensure the home is not sold for a below-market price.
  2. Settlement for Home Retention: If either party wishes to keep the home, a fair settlement is crucial. An appraisal prepared by certified real estate appraiser, mandated by the court, is essential for the Judge to make informed decisions on property division.

Why Choose Allstate Appraisal for Your Divorce Appraisal:

  • Expertise: 64 years in business providing attorneys and property owners appraisals each business day throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Our certified real estate appraisers bring extensive experience in providing credible, well-supported and definitive appraisal services on all property types, meeting court requirements and providing expert witness testimony if needed.
  • Court-Ready : In the event of a court appearance, our appraisers are prepared to serve as highly effective Expert Witnesses. We ensure that all valuation methodologies and adjustments in the appraisal report are clearly explained and rigorously supported and can articulate our valuation process confidently and credibly before a Judge. With our extensive Expert Witness Testimony experience in Circuit Courts, Allstate Appraisal is a well-established and credible provider of Expert Witness services.
  • Local Market Knowledge: With decades of experience throughout Chicago and its suburbs, we approach divorce appraisals with a high level of geographic competency, and confidence in our valuations.
  • Client Privacy: Your appraisal information remains secure, and we do not share it with opposing attorneys, spouses, or any unauthorized parties without your explicit consent.


  • Current and Retrospective Appraisals – All Property Types, Nationally
  • Appraisal Review – (Review Opposing Counsel’s Appraisal)
  • Expert Witness Services – Deposition, Trial, and Consulting
  • USPAP SR Violation Consulting Service
  • Market Studies
  • Highest and Best Use Studies
  • Impact Studies
  • Feasibility Studies

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For inquiries or to discuss your divorce appraisal, call us directly at 708-754-3455. We’re here to provide clarity and support during this challenging time.

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