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May 16

What Happens After an Appraisal? 

For most people throughout Illinois and Indiana, an appraisal is requested as part of a real estate transaction. Typically, the buyer will request an appraisal following the requirement from their…

Apr 28

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Appraisals 

For both residential homeowners and prospective buyers, knowing the basics of a home appraisal is important. At Allstate Appraisal, we specialize in residential appraisals in Illinois and Indiana. Consider the…

Apr 18

What Is an Appraisal Review? 

If you’re in the process of requesting a home or business appraisal, you may have heard the term “appraisal review.” An appraisal review is an important part of the appraisal…

Mar 12

How an Appraiser Can Help You Prepare to Sell Your Home 

As a homeowner, there are many times throughout the course of owning your home when requesting a home appraisal may make good sense. One of those times is when thinking…


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