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Fast Facts AMC Vendor Management at a Glance

The CFPB is serious, are you ready for an audit? What you don’t know about your AMC can hurt you!

2014 USPAP Compliance Updates

9 – Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) revisions which went into effect January 1, 2014. Some are just mere edits, however, revisions were made to several standards, including Standards 2 and 3-5, while Standards 4 and 5 were retired.

How to Evaluate an Appraisal Firm

Eliminate 90% of your struggles by knowing the right qualities to look for in an appraisal firm. With all of the mandated guidelines and compliance laws, you can’t afford to be using the wrong one.

How to Comply with the ECOA Valuations Rule

We want to ensure that you get out in front of the ECOA Valuations Rule now. Download this quick guide that highlights the “ECOA Valuations Rule” today.

The TILA HPML Appraisal Rule Guide

Along with the ECOA Valuations Rule in effect since January 18, 2014, you will now also have to abide by the TILA Appraisal Rule on certain Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans. Download this guide that covers how to comply with the ruling along with the loan types that fall under these guidelines. Be prepared, get compliant – it’s not an option.

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Appraisal Review Provider

Regardless of whether your Appraisal Reviews are completed in-house or outsourced to an Appraisal Review provider, we encourage you to take just a few moments to download these questions to help ensure you are realizing the maximum benefit and effectiveness of these services.

Top 5 Dodd-Frank Appraisal Violations and How to Avoid Them

This resource provides a helpful reminder of some of the top rules that apply to property appraisals NOT to be overlooked and how you can avoid violating them.

Best Practices for Maintaining Compliance

Doing your due diligence is not an option; there are no shortcuts when it comes to compliance. However, having a plan in place and working with an experienced AMC will lighten your regulatory burden.

Questions for a Compliance Officer

Compliance is an important and relevant topic that affects lending institutions and the appraisal industry in many similar ways, which is why we wanted to share with you a few tips from our Compliance Officer. Download these basic but important compliance guidelines on E&O insurance and appraiser licensing that are easy to overlook.

How Credible is an AMC?

Every AMC claims to be the best of the best but in all fairness, what really defines the best? At the very least an AMC should meet certain requirements that are set forth by the governing appraisal bodies on state and federal levels, but what else should determine if an AMC is credible? Download our guide compiled by our compliance team that will help you determine what a “Credible AMC” really means.

Best Practices for Selecting a Real Estate Appraiser as an Expert Witness

As you build your arsenal of expert witnesses, we encourage you to take a moment to download this brief Q&A guide that includes best practices and helpful tips to ensure you retain the right appraiser to add to your list of qualified industry professionals.

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