Recorded Webinar Video | The Do’s and Don’ts to Asking Compliant Rebuttal Questions

Watch this video today and gain usable and compliant information on proper ways to request appraisal revisions.

Recorded Webinar Video | Part 2 – Demystifying Third-Party Oversight

In part 2 of our Best Practices of Third-Party Oversight webinar session Scott Sparks, Former National Chief Appraiser of a Top 15 Lending Institution provided great tips on how to comply with the CFPB’s requirements for lenders regarding the management of AMCs vendor panel selection. Watch this session now.

Recorded Webinar Video | Part 1 – Demystifying Third-Party Oversight

Former National Chief Appraiser of a Top 15 Lending Institution will dive deep into the Best Practices of Third-Party Oversight in a 2 part video series. Watch part 1 now and gain insight on how to uphold compliance when establishing and maintaining relationships with third-party vendors

Video: Best Practices: Appraisal Reviews & Compliance

In this webinar we dove into the Best Practices of Appraisal Reviews & Compliance. Our National Chief Appraiser gave insight on how to reduce potential regulatory violations along with what red flags to look out for.

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