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Vendor Management Compliance Webinar

Feb 28, 2014

Compliance should not only be high on Risk Managements agenda but C-level executives need to make sure they understand the impact it can have on business too. As 2014 rolled in, so did a whole new set of rules and concerns from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), over compliance and the lack of oversight on third-party vendor management for lending institutions. Now, everyone is scrambling to align themselves accordingly to comply with these new regulations before disciplinary actions are taken.

With so much information circulating and very little time to invest it can be hard to decipher or determine where an organization is lacking; which is why Allstate Appraisal’s SVP – National Chief Appraiser Scott Sparks, (former Chief Appraiser from a top 15 lending institution) felt compelled to share his expertise in the matter with those in the industry. “When I was approached to present on this topic, I was happy to do so”, Sparks stated, “I wanted to be able to share with my peers my experience I’ve acquired through the years auditing and maintaining compliant relationships with AMCs.”

Allstate Appraisal will be hosting a free two-part webinar series titled “Demystifying Third-Party Oversight”.  Scott will use these two sessions to discuss how to uphold compliance when establishing and maintaining relationships with third-party vendors in the AMC realm. He will cover how to set clear compliance expectations along with how to establish an internal review process. In part two of this series he will cover the vetting process along with how to conduct on-site audits of AMCs and their report products.


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