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What Are the Next Steps After a Home Appraisal?

Feb 6, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve ordered a home appraisal. After the home appraisal has been ordered, you may be wondering what happens next. Here’s an overview of what happens during the home appraisal process and what the next steps are after a home appraisal has been completed—

The Residential Appraisal Process

The residential appraisal process may vary slightly depending on which company you hire for appraisal services. Typically, the home appraisal process will look something like the following—

  • Our team will receive the order from the client. We will then choose the right appraiser for the job.
  • We’ll conduct the appraisal using best practices and aligned with appraisal standards. 
  • The appraiser will draft a report that will be reviewed by the appraisal reviewer.
  • Once the report is reviewed, it will be sent back for any necessary corrections. It will then be reviewed by the review appraiser once again.
  • The finalized report will be sent to the chief appraiser for review and signature.
  • The report is provided to the client.
  • If the appraisal is disputed, our team initiates an appraisal rebuttal process.

Throughout the process, we stay in touch with the client and provide regular updates. We prioritize good communication. 

What Happens After a Home Appraisal?

What happens next depends on the purpose behind why the appraisal is being requested. If the homeowner is requesting it for their own knowledge, then the report will be theirs to use however they see fit.

More commonly, though, a home appraisal is being ordered by a lender as part of a residential real estate transaction. As such, the next step that will occur is the mortgage underwriting process. The underwriter will assess the risk level associated with the loan and use the appraisal report to approve or deny a loan based on risk. Once the underwriting is complete and the loan is approved or denied, the buyer will move to closing (if the loan is approved) or they will need to work with the seller to find out if any loan securement issues can be resolved; if not, the seller will have the right to pull out of the agreement. 

Schedule Your Residential Appraisal Today

To learn more about the residential appraisal process or to schedule your appraisal today, reach out to our team at Allstate Appraisal directly. We have over 60 years of experience conducting residential real estate appraisals and are happy to help you. 


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