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Will a Messy House Be Appraised for Less?

Sep 19, 2021

If you are ready to have your house appraised, you may be gearing up to get it in perfect shape because you think that is going to boost the value of your home. This is not, however, what home appraisals are about in the end. Better understanding what your home appraisal will entail can help you better prepare – and can help ensure that yours goes as smoothly and is as accurate as possible. If you have home appraisal needs, reach out to Allstate Appraisal in Chicago today. 

Your Home

The appraisal professional who performs your appraisal is not concerned with whether or not your dishes are done, or your laundry is put away – these things don’t affect the value of your home, and the value of your home is what an appraisal is all about. This being said, however, if your home is a cluttered mess, it can impede the appraiser’s ability to do his or her job effectively, efficiently, and accurately.  

The Bones of Your Home

Ultimately, the appraiser needs to evaluate the bones of your home, which includes all the following:

  • Its exterior, including the composition, fabrication, wear and tear, and overall maintenance of the windows, siding, roof, garage, sidewalk, gutter system, porch, deck, and more.
  • Its interior, including the composition, fabrication, wear and tear, and overall maintenance of the floors, ceilings, walls, windowsills, fixtures and fittings, and more.
  • Its yard and any landscaping.

In order to assess these aspects of your home, your appraiser will need a clear view and access to each element, and if your houses and/or yard are in a state that makes this difficult, it can work to your disadvantage.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

While your home doesn’t need to be ready for the queen when your appraiser comes, it’s a good idea to keep the following in mind:

  • Having your home as clutter-free as possible is in your best interest. 
  • Because clutter, debris, and overall mess inside your home are distracting and can slow progress, keeping it to a minimum can’t hurt. 
  • Because curb appeal is part of your home’s value, hiding this curb appeal (as a result of neglect) can do you a disservice. Freshening your yard by mowing the lawn and tidying up can make a difference. 

An important point to keep in mind is that if your house is in such a messy state that your appraiser is concerned about overall maintenance (requiring him or her to do even more extensive analysis), it can slow down the process and can be more costly. The bottom line is that the value of your home won’t ultimately be affected by its messy state, but taking the time to prepare your home for appraisal amounts to doing yourself a favor. 

Allstate Appraisal Is Here to Help

In need of a home appraisal?  Allstate Appraisal has the experience, know-how, and skill to answer your questions and help guide you toward a positive appraisal experience that leaves you with a confidence-inspiring appraisal. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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