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Jul 27

Types of Commercial Business Appraisals 

For commercial businesses throughout Illinois and Indiana, knowing the value of the business is an essential piece of informed decision-making, as well as numerous financial and legal transactions. However, there…

Jun 28

How to Choose the Right Business Appraiser 

Choosing a business appraiser is a big decision. If your business is seeking appraisal services, it’s no doubt because you have something important on the line, such as a sale,…

May 28

Factors That Impact How Long Your Home Appraisal Will Take 

Most homeowners will go through a home appraisal process at some point in their life. This is because home appraisals are often required as part of real estate transactions, to…

Apr 18

What Is an Appraisal Review? 

If you’re in the process of requesting a home or business appraisal, you may have heard the term “appraisal review.” An appraisal review is an important part of the appraisal…


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