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Feb 28

Vendor Management Compliance Webinar

Compliance should not only be high on Risk Managements agenda but C-level executives need to make sure they understand the impact it can have on business too. As 2014 rolled…

Feb 19

Preparing Effective Appraisal Reviews

In the early 1990’s, we began offering appraisal review services to local lenders who relied upon them for pre-funding and post-funding quality control requirements. At that time, reviews were more…

Feb 14

2014 AMC Registration Requirements

At Allstate, we know that part of a lending institution's due diligence involves confirming that third-party vendors such as Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs), are compliant with federal and state legislation.…

Jan 24

Do Your Appraisal Reviews Make The Grade?

We asked our National Chief Appraiser Scott Sparks, a former National Chief Appraiser at one of the top 12 lending institutions to compile a short list of key concerns when…


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